About Us

Borneo Nature Hash was founded in 2019 after a group of friends went for a trip to the far North West coast of  Sarawak  for a birthday celebration. After barbequing and partying on the beach some of them thought they would like to introduce more people to the natural beauty of Borneo...and so a dream was born!


Planning started on their return to Kuala Lumpur, but alas Covid thwarted plans for their first run so finally in 2022 the dream came to fruition.


For our first run, 100 people flew from West Malaysia to Kuching and then on to Borneo Tribal Village in Kpg. Apar, BAU where they stayed in long houses and ran from.


The trails covered hills and streams and waterfalls and were quite adventurous. There was also the opportunity to do exciting side trips.


Runs will be set every two years mainly in the Island of Borneo which includes Sarawak, Sabah, Kalimantan and Brunei.